Temple Services

Temple Puja Services Donation Details

Temple Scheduled Days Only
Service Name
(No Prior Appointment Required.)
Sri Ganesa Archana$11
Sri Durga Archana$11
Sri Siva Archana$11
Sri Lakshmi Archana$11
Sri Navagraha Archana$11
Sri Rama Archana$11
Sri Hanuman Archana$11
Sri Venkateswara Archana$11
Sri Rudhra Trisathi Archana$31
Sri Ganesa Abishekam$31
Sri Siva Abishekam$31
Sri Hanuman Abishekam$31
Sri Ram Parivar Abishekam$31
Sri Venkateswara Abishekam$31
Sri Navagraha Abishekam$31
Samuhika Sathya Narayana Puja $31
Any of the Above Puja in Your Family Name For a Year$301
Individually Scheduled Services
Service Name
(Prior Appointment Required.)
Vahana Puja ( Car Puja )$51
Vadamala Seva ( With Out Vada )$31
Sri Ganesa Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Siva Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Lakshmi Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Durga Sahasranamam (1008) Names$51
Sri Rama Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Hanuman Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Venkateswara Sahasranamam (1008) Names $51
Sri Ganesa Abishekam$101
Sri Siva Abishekam$101
Sri Hanuman Abishekam$101
Sri Ram Parivar Abishekam$101
Sri Venkateswara Abishekam$101
Sri Navagraha Abishekam$101
Sri Rudhra Abishekam$101